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Intention of Kotlin's "also apply let run with"

Intention of Kotlin's "also apply let run with"One of the things that puzzled me when I started with Kotlin was why are there so many similar functions which call lambda on some objects and returns a value. After many lines of code and many lines of user group discussions, I found out that they represent a small DSL for easier monadic-style coding. Explanation of this DSL and intent of each function is missing from the Kotlin documentation, so this article will hopefully shed some light on it. There is also a short style guide on GitHub.alsoWith this function, you say “also do this with the object”. I often use it to add debugging to the call chains or to do some additional processing:kittenRest .let{KittenEntity(, it.cuteness)}.also{println(}.also{ kittenCollection += it }.let{ }also passes object as parameter and returns the same object (not the result of the lambda!):dataclassPerson(var name: String,var age: Int)val person =Person("Edmund…